There is nobody worthy of being worshiped except God (ALLAH) and Muhammad is His Messenger
About Us
Conveying Islamic Message Society (C I M S) is an extension for the activity of Conveying Islamic Center, Which was established in 1929 by Eng. Muhamed Tawfik Ahmed (may Allah have mercy upon him).

Conveying Islamic Center Kept spreading Islam with wisdom and beautiful preaching all around the world throughout a period of 60 years causing thousands of different nationalities to convert to Islam.

The Conveying Islamic Message Society was established in 1974, It is licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs in Egypt under the registration number 536 playing the same role as the Conveying Islamic Center Concerning acquainting the world with Islam’s principles through books and pamphlets in different languages and answering Islamic questions and inquires with the help of the scholars of Al-Azhar.
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Prophet's Masjed (Mosque) in Al-Madinah Al-Monawara
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